Abogado Aly Civil Law Charles OgletreeAfter the ruling of the grand jury involved in the case of police brutality in Ferguson, Charles Ogletree, a Harvard Law School Professor, answered a few questions on the legality of the ruling, according to an article recently completed by The Daily Illini.  His thoughts were issued in the question and answer section of a presentation he was making at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center; the talk was about civil rights, police brutality and what comes next in the nation.  The grand jury involved in the case was ruling on the legality of the actions of police officer Darren Wilson, for the death of Michael Brown.  For Ogletree, the legality of the case is cut and clear—he believes Wilson should be arrested and indicted.  However, alternatively, the grand jury was unable to indict the police officer.  Ogletree wasn’t necessarily surprised; he claims that he did not think Wilson would be indicted because he’s a police officer, and officers of the law are rarely indicted, according to him.

As a result, students at the university that was hosting Ogletree for the presentation organized a march.  This was only one march of many that resulted around the country; Ogletree himself organized one for his students at Harvard.  In the question and answer portion of the presentation, one audience member asked Ogletree what was needed to keep a movement like this mobile.  For Ogletree, numbers are crucial; groups need to always be growing, allowing the initiative to become bigger and different than any others in the nation.  Ogletree also said that this is very feasible for those against the Ferguson ruling; he declared that here isn’t one state that the citizens can say people of color aren’t treated differently based in their race.

Ogletree isn’t just leading marches to make a stand against this issue.  The legal team representing Michael Brown’s family has already approached him, expressing interest in approaching the case from a civil law perspective.  Ogletree responded that that is a prospect he would be very much interested in, and has agreed to lend his support to the case.